We are a Saudi Medical Establishment founded in 2008.

Our scope of work varies from Hospital, Health Care and Handicapped Equipments.

Our head office is in Jeddah City.

We have sales representatives and contacts in all the main regions of Saudi Arabia.

Our mission is to provide and set the highest standard of service in the Medical Health Care field, and to achieve our goals we have some of the finest and experienced staff in our team.

Diagnostic Equipment and Accessories List
List of Diagnostic Equipment and Accessories Items
قائمة منتجات أجهزة الفحص والتشخيص

dated: (26.01.2016)

Pocket Doppler
Sonotrax II Pocket Doppler - LCD + Charger
جهاز - سماعة نبض جنين - بشاشة و شاحن

dated: (25.01.2016)

Vascular Doppler - SonoTrax
Vascular Doppler - SonoTrax
جهاز فحص نبض الاوردة و تدفق الدم

dated: (25.01.2016)

SE-1 Single Channel ECG
Single Channel ECG - With Foldable Screen
جهاز تخطيط قلب - واحد قناة - شاشة قابلة للطي

dated: (24.01.2016)

ECG - SE-1200 Series - 12 Channel
Twelve Channel ECG - Wide 5.7 inch Screen
جهاز تخطيط قلب - 12 قناة - شاشة عريضة 5.7 انش

dated: (24.01.2016)

SE-3 Three Channel ECG
Three Channel ECG - Wide Foldable Screen
جهاز تخطيط قلب - ثلاثة قناة - شاشة عريضة قابلة للطي

dated: (23.01.2016)

SE-601C Six Channel ECG
Multi (Six) Channel ECG - With Wide Color LCD
جهاز تخطيط قلب - ستة قناة - شاشة عريضة ال-سي-دي ملونة

dated: (22.01.2016)

Luxury Dream Pillow
Memory Foam (XL) - Size 60x40x15/13cm
مخدة ميموري مقاس (XL

dated: (08.07.2012)

Air Neck Traction
Superior Relief Pain with Traction of 3 Layers
وحدة هوائية لشد الرقبة

dated: (08.07.2012)

Thermometer Cover
(20 Covers) Wellch Allyn - Braun
غطاء ثيرموميتر - برون - ويلش ألن

dated: (08.07.2012)